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Special Session

Application of Computational Intelligence in Data Science for Societal Benefits

As society is manoeuvring towards the technology-driven system, modern societies have developed a wide range of technologies and techniques. Advancements of IoT devices and intelligent systems have impacted society in a meaningful way. The smart home system now offering optimized energy solutions by controlling the electricity of temperature when one is away from their respective home, smart waste management is also delivering an impactful impression in smart and clean city projects. To enhance the implementation of personalized learning, use of smart devices like EEG, EyeTracker now play a pivotal role in generating decision from a large scale of data to recommend learning contents, based on their cognitive impact. In health care, implementing IoT and AI-based tools help us to overcome several crucial challenges in diagnosis and treatments. Smart health devices can improve health care by monitoring patients and remotely administering medication to them. Microblog sites can now be used to extract opinions for discovering the outbreak of diseases depending on demographic location, indicate upcoming crisis to spread in the locality, determining public sentiments and grievances to avoid riots. The use of IoT in agriculture helps to cover the gap between the grower’s toil and the farming outcome. Big data analysis can predict the future market price, and smart sensors can determine the freshness or perishability of vegetables and fruits. So optimum trading time can be decided with the consultation of IoT and Big Data analysis to generate maximum revenue. Also, sensors can be used to monitor crop health status, detection of microorganism and pest management. Smart automobile systems now continuously help users by extending assistance if required or assist monitoring vehicle speed based on traffic.

Smart devices and social media, therefore, have a deep impact in every aspect of society. However, to deal with the enormously increasing volume of data (dynamic, heterogeneous and mostly unstructured) from social media, sensors, etc., urges for non-traditional approaches to cope up with the proportionally increasing complexity of problems that deal with such data.

Computational intelligence refers to the use of such non-traditional algorithms, mostly mimicking human nature of interpretation or bio-mimicking algorithms to solve complex problems. Computational intelligence when applied to data science, influences the extraction, purification and interpretation greatly, giving faster and more accurate measures for better data-driven decision making by automating such tasks with great efficiency and acceptability with the capability for quick adaptation to learn from errors. There are several important areas for society at large where data science can provide a deep impact.

To address the importance of computational intelligence in the field of data science, we propose to hold a special session to discuss the processes and impact of computational intelligence for societal goods.

The broad objective of the special session is to encourage the researchers to apply computational intelligence in data science research in the following application areas, but not limited to:

● Healthcare
● Education
● Cyber security
● Microblog analysis
● Crowdsourcing
● Agriculture
● Clean and renewable energy
● Smart city

Important Information:

Session Chair

Dr Tandra Pal
Dr Prasenjit Choudhury
Dr Suvrojit Das

Program Committee

Dr Tandra Pal
Dr Prasenjit Choudhury
Dr Gautam Bandyopadhyay
Dr Suvrojit Das
Dr Parag Kumar Guhathakurata
Dr Sanghita Bhattacharjee
Dr Mamata Dalui Chakraborty
Dr Sajal Mukhopadhyay

Important Dates:

Call for paper begins : 08/09/2020
Last date of paper submission : 18/10/2020
Author Notification : 25/10/2020
Early Bird Registration Closes : 31/10/2020
Camera Ready Copy & Copy Right submission : 31/10/2020
Conference Start : 15/01/2021

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